New Lemuria Light Natural Points, VIP Personal Collection

Very Special Natural Diamantina Lemurian From My Private Collection

£ 500

Again another special natural Lemurian point originated from Diamantina Lemurian Mine in Brazil,. Now no other Diamantina Lemurians will surface so we rely on pre-loved releases and advised to invest when we see these. Excellent quality and clarity with alternating completely smooth surfaces and other surfaces with prominent striations. There looks like a tabby crystal attachment and a thumb resting place. Internally there looks to me like some manifestation crystals growing. Personally when I focus on the internal of this crystal it is like looking down into a crystalline city with towers - very very special acquisition if still available when you are reading this. A great investment.

Width 5.78cm, Height 15.24cm, 485 Grams, Product Code: LEMPER485