Crystal Skulls

Powerful Black Obsidian Magical Child Skull


Was £ 1400

Now £ 888

"Powerful" was the first word that entered my head whilst photographing and writing a description about this skull. They all sit beside me on my desk while I write their listing and I cannot over emphasise how impressive this skull actually is. Powerful - YES - Strength - YES - Rarity - ABSOLUTELY. The Magical Child Skull is one of Leandro's well recognised signature mark designs from many years ago with the skull having the high frontal lobe and projecting the energies of gifted children. So many carvers nowadays "try" and copy Leandro's designs however he is always "No.1" for these designs and his exquisite designs are very recognised worldwide.

Length 10.82cm, Width 9.76cm, Height 11.88cm, 1.6 Grams, Product Code: MC1602