Crystal Skulls

Look at this Super Black Obsidian Magical Child

£ 888

Every skull/carving I promote here on behalf of Leandro de Souza is in stock and while writing up their description they sit beside me at my computer where I wait for instructions on their wants how to best put in words to describe them. For this particular beautiful black obsidian magical child skull, I held him in my two hands and looked into his endearing eyes. I initially felt a wave of sadness looing into these eyes yet quickly realised this was not sadness, but endearment. The way Leandro creates the expressions and brings out the energetic personality within every skull he carves is absolutely like magic. The eyes of this skull are set quite widely apart and quite narrow as if frowning yet his smile is magnetic and captures my heart immediately. This skull will capture your heart too..... you wait and see what happens. 100% HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Length 9.3cm, Width 8.5cm, Height 10.2cm, 1.004 Kgs, Product Code: BOMC1004