Enchanted Unicorns

Finest Large Golden Healer Unicorn

£ 1111

An exceptionally special large Golden Healer Unicorn presents himself to his first Earth Guardian. This is a special Rose/Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz and rarely becomes available. This is the largest of the Unicorns in this Superior Golden Healer Quartz. The colours are extremely vibrant and for the first time Leandro has carved the "horn of light" in the same stone as the Unicorn. As you can see this Unicorn has been designed with his mouth open and as soon as I saw this Unicorn my very thoughts were that this Unicorn is a Messenger Unicorn - bringing forth words of wisdom. The chosen guardian will understand this message that I felt was downloaded. Very delicate spiral of golden healing light shines out - A most magical and enchanting Unicorn. Hematoid Quartz: The Crystal of New Beginnings. Combined with Rose Quartz makes the extremely special stone a very high vibration crystal. Very much a transformational crystal that blends the amplifying properties of Quartz, with Hematoid and Rose.

Length 15.5cm, Height 15.5cm, 1.24 Grams, Product Code: UN1242