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It is wonderful hearing from the new guardians of the energetic energies.

Today my GRATITUDE 🙏 goes to a very special lady, Krystina L. Valentine not only world class business woman, distributing finest carvings of famous carver Leandro Souza, but beautiful soul with a huge heart. The person who not only makes business but puts special loving energy to all the items that pass through her hands, spreading this energy around the world. She not only has a warm heart and compassion but she is one in a million people who is deeply connected with all the energy around. She is also human being and I am sure, she is dealing with lots of stress in her personal life, but with her work, she is able to communicate with others with care, grace, elegance and beauty. And for that she is an inspiration of how to live life connected with source, full of belief and passion, manifesting heart desires with gratitude and humbleness. She doesn’t make herself to look and feel better than others, and she always treats people equally with respect and loving care. Very strong beautiful soul full of life, light and love that she freely shares with the world. An authentic inspiration ♥️ Thank you ♥️ Written by Bea Bee K.

Bea Bee K.

The Crystal Enchantress

The Crystal Enchantress - A kind, beautiful, strong Goddess who have time for everybody. A true crystalline bridge to Earth Guardians. Krystina captures the essence of these crystalline being from the hands of the Grand Master Carver Leandro de Souza so we too can feel their energies through our device screens. The service is exceptional, upon receiving your package, aside from the excitement of meeting your new arrival, a feeling of activation of all your senses occur from the beautiful scent you smell when your open your parcel to a feeling of a biggest and warmest hugs. Lots of care and attention to detail is definately felt and not only that! I call her Super Woman because most of the time, if you order today you tend to receive your order the next working day! Thank you Krystina for all you do.

Denise Dawn

The Crystal Enchantress

Krystina is the most amazing mother of dragons etc! She will help you to choose the right one (or more) for you & your beautiful choice always arrives extremely well packaged & sent with love. Can highly recommend.

Sally Langley

The Crystal Enchantress

Krystina knows all about her crystals and the crystals are top class craved by Leandro. Highly recommend x

Norma Giannotti

The Crystal Enchantress

I had never worked with a crystal skull before taking a crystal skull workshop where I was referred to The Crystal Enchantress. I fell in love with my aquamarine friend instantly upon seeing him on the website, even though he was beyond my allocated budget. I couldn’t stop thinking about him morning noon and night, but I also couldn’t fathom how I could be his guardian given his price point. Krystina knew I was new to working with skulls and helped explain their call to me. Krystina helped me procure him with a payment plan that was manageable for my needs. I now meditate with him every day and I am so grateful to be able to work with him all the time. Krystina’s dedication and experience working with crystal skulls helped me to make one of the most profound decisions of my life. I highly recommend The Crystal Enchantress for all of your specialty carved crystal needs.

Kim Neal - Monrovia, CA

The Crystal Enchantress

It has been an absolute honour over many years, to become the guardian of many beautiful crystalline energies that have found their way to me via the beautiful Krystina Valentine, The Crystal Enchantress. Krystina goes above and beyond to share and connect the energies carved by Leandro de Souza, with their rightful guardians. Her knowledge, attention to detail, care and outright love for the crystals, their master carver and all those she connects with, is only a part of what makes her such a special person. From beginning to end, the experience of working with Krystina is pure joy. Thank you Kristina for all that you are and all that you do. Much love and gratitude

Kellie Wong

The Crystal Enchantress

I have been involved with crystal skulls since 2011, in that time I've bought from many people but krystina stands out as a supreme seller, nothing is too much trouble for her as she connects skulls to their rightful guardians. She is very accommodating with payment plans to help the skulls on their journey. There is no expense spared on packaging to ensure their safe travels and I've always received them the very next day. I've bought multiple skulls and have the amazing dragon portals krystina brought to life, she also runs competitions with amazing prizes one of which I was lucky to win. If you want a positive buying experience then krystina is the one to buy from. She is also one of the most generous people I've come across with a massive heart to match.

Charlotte Harrison

The Crystal Enchantress

I honestly can’t recommend Krystina enough!! What a wonderfully kind and generous person! She gave me the opportunity to buy the most gorgeous Leandro De Souza skull, I’m so grateful! Her customer service is amazing!

Honor Jeffery

The Crystal Enchantress

I was new to the world of crystals when I first met 'The Crystal Enchantress' online in 2014. I fell in love with the beautiful carvings of Leandro and the way Krystina presents them online. She does it with a lot of passion and love! She provides excellent service and takes extra care of packaging with lots of bubble wrap, paper and some 'enchanting' colourful stars and butterflies. I'm blessed to came across Krystina L Valentine and very happy to have worked closely with her to renew her website and keep it 'enchanted' in the way Krystina is. I look forward to meeting you in person! Much love, -Your Crystal Friend- Lucas

Lucas, The Netherlands

Krystina of The Crystal Enchantress, has dedicated her talent and passion for crystalline beings that #1 Master Carver Leandro Souza of Brazil has artistically designed and created reaching people Worldwide. Krystina gives that extra special touch to her clients making the experience more personal as well as being professional, organized and prompt. Krystina makes it possible to connect with the crystalline beings through high quality photographs, videos and even through Skype. Once you've purchased one item, I believe it won't stop there, I personally have purchased over a dozen crystal skulls and each time Krystina has gone above and beyond my expectations.

Laurie, Vancouver Canada

I came across Krystina L. Valentine several months ago online and her magnificent crystal carvings from Brazilian artist Leonardo. I have a traveler skull whom I adore! And I'm currently adopting another crystal skull and a crystal dragon. They are top of the line and one of a kind beautiful! Krystina is generous and has gone out of her way when you are drawn to a particular piece. I love all of the art that she has, I only wish I were more financially robust so I could fill my house up with these lovely crystals! They are truly even more beautiful and powerful in person than in the photos! And I love how there is something for everyone's taste, from angels to dolphins skulls and now unicorns! This is certainly a first class business run by a genuine first class lady.

Dawn, USA

The magickal energy of krystina reflects in her business - care - love and customer satisfaction are her key aspects - im proud to call her my friend and pleasurably would do business with her and her team of crystal skulls without hesitation in the future - a very gifted and talented lady - all her skulls are full of energy like no others i have experienced - beautiful / strong and full of wisdom - <3 liam - esoteric earth xxxxxx

Liam – Esoteric Earth

Krystina is such a pleasure to deal with and an amazing caretaker for all of the crystals she is holding until they find their homes. They are all so happy when I receive them and the energy is amazing! I have many crystal skulls and the quality of the crystal and leandro's carving are the best I have ever seen. They really have a life of their own and once you put your hands on them you never want to put them down! Highly recommended

Melissa – Alabama, USA

I consider myself truly lucky to have Krystina as a part of my life and cannot speak highly enough of the Crystal Enchantress! She is the most accommodating person I think I've ever met! I came across her and Leandro's carvings as I bagan exploring crystals, then serendipitously I was visiting Scotland from Australia on a holiday and asked if it was possible to visit, to collect a wizard carving I'd fallen in love with, and see if there was anything else that jumped out. Not only were we collected from the train station, we were treated like family in her home. The respect for Leandro's Crystalline beings is evident in all Krystina does and I felt immediately at home! Since that day the respect and feeling of family hasn't wavered, even as her business has continued to grow and get busier! I have had many fabulous new Crystalline friends come to me in Australia since then, 2014, all perfectly packaged and cared for with love. Whether they be Skulls, Jewellery, Wizards, Dragons or Crystal Daggers! in fact I now await another package excitedly! I look forward to the future and wish both Krystina and Leandro infinite love and successes! Kyle the Crystal Healer Perth, Australia. 💖💎💖💎💖💎💖

Kyle – Perth, Australia

Krystina is a sparkling and magical person which I am very glad I met years ago. She is very genuine and caring person who loves her crystals family. The crystals I have bought from her are top grade beautifully craved and a talking point for everyone

Norma – Scotland

After working with crystals for the past 25 years I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Krystina to provide a higher better quality of Crystal carving than ever on a global level and the most understanding and fulfilling of all needs ~ beyond even my imagination ~~ ~ Once you have a Leandro it is impossible to then settle for less ~ heheheheheheheheee ~ my 7th is already reserved ~ Long live and full respect to the admirable Crystal Enchantress ~ Forever Thank you xx

Rachel – England, UK

There are always such wonderful high quality skulls and dragons from the hand of the master carver Leandro Souza on your website and face-book pages. What impresses me the most, is that one can sense, you really love what you are doing and powerful energies are flowing through each pic of your presentation. I already had the privilege to order skulls, dragon and a powerful grid from your and can recommend you to any friend of mine. And I can assure it won't be my last buy. Sure there are other online-shops that may offer other skulls cheaper, but if you want high quality and the energies of a Leandro skull you will definitely end here at Krystina L. Valentine's. Thanks for your great work Richard Forth (Germany)

Richard – Germany

To the most incredible dragon gate keeper. I felt their beauty and love through the box that you lovingly posted them in. They arrived early afternoon and when I opened the package I was swept away with love, wonder, luxurious energy, that's gentle but powerful, awesomely strong but somehow utterly subtle and secret. No ego pure heart. It feels that your care and love for them is overwhelming, it drenches them and the new guardians. I cannot imagine anyone on earth being a better dragon keeper. Your influence, their beauty and the souls they attract are priceless and made in heaven. Thank you Leandro and thank you Kristina. Infinite blessings to you both.


5 stars (would give more if possible!) My collection has just arrived (only ordered yesterday so super speedy – thank you). I am at a loss for adequate words – simply stupendous carvings!!! The quality is breath-taking and I’m definitely “over the moon” with them. Thank you so very much for bringing them forth.

Alison Bailey

I highly recommend Krystina, it was my first time purchasing dragons and I’m so grateful I went to her. My baby dragons arrived safely to Australia in a beautiful package. I absolutely love them. Thank you so much.

Dannie La Bella Formosa

I came across Krystina's work through a friend who invited me to one of her Facebook pages. I have since joined some of her other pages on Facebook, and would highly recommend that you do the same if you have not already: They are a fabulous opportunity to see and connect with Leandro's work, and to experience the magic of his amazing carvings. I had several skulls made by other carvers before I became aware of Leandro's work. I have found that Leandro's skulls complement other skulls well, adding a new, important and powerful energy dimension to any team. It is obvious to me Leandro's skulls are amongst the highest quality crystal skulls available. Leandro is clearly able to both source very high quality raw crystals and to connect and work with them so that a very high vibrational skull is produced in harmony with the crystal. I have found that his skulls have enormous potential for mediating with, cleansing and protecting myself and my home, and attracting abundance, as well as other things. I feel as if, having quite recently become aware of Leandro's work, that there is much more to learn, and that I am only at the beginning of a very exciting and interesting journey. Though I have not yet met Leandro, I have had the privilege of meeting Krystina several times, in person. She is humble, kind, magical, grounded, creative, spacious and very hard-working. In my experience, she adds a very special and personal quality to the process of choosing and connecting with a Leandro skull

Sarah, Scotland, UK

When I first saw the photos of this wonderful citrine crystal skull I was fascinated, but it is when I saw the video made by Krystina that I heard a real call to be her guardian. The skull had to come to my house at all costs. Leandro has carved this skull in a wonderful shape using the finest quartz quality in circulation, its brilliance, its transparency and its rainbows make it magical, and its prisms in the eyes make it simply hypnotic. The energy he releases is very strong, the quartz shaped by Leandro in this perfect shape, the quality of quartz itself, and the infusion of Krystina's positive energy are a perfect blend. This is my first experience with Krystina and her shop, and will not be the last one. Thanks to her kindness and availability and to her wonderful products created by Leandro. Filippo, Italy

Filippo – Italy

Extraordinary carvings. Pretty much says it all.

Don Vosburgh

Thank you, love your energy.

Alicia Verweij

Krystina is an absolute gem and does EVERYTHING she can to help you find and connect with the right crystalline being. Leandro’s carves have fast becoming my fav for their gorgeous personalities.

Emma Walkley

I go nowhere else for my Leandro carvings. Krystina puts so much love and energy into everything she does… including making sure our crystal babies ae wrapped securely and get to us safely!

Tracy Queen

Krystina is a superb mediator of Leandro de Souza crystals. She is warm-hearted and always willing to guide people, to help them realise their dream, of connecting to a Leandro dragon.

Elizabeth McRoberts

I am lucky enough to be the proud guardian of several Leandro magical carvings now, all of whom ae enhancing my spiritual journey. Thanks to Krystina for having this special relationship with Leandro in order to bring their magic to us all!!

Louise C Hamp

Krystina provides a first class service I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who is more dedicated to making sure that her customers or should I say friends because Krystina welcomes you with open arms and cannot do enough to assist you in any way she can for you to make the right choice. All of her crystals are of the highest quality with a beautiful energu. I would highly recommend visiting Krystina’s website but be warned once you purchase your first crystal you will come back time and time again!

Donna Henderson

I bought a Morganite skull pendant and wow the way it was packaged was incredible. The skull is gemmy and really gorgeous and beautifully carved. I really will be ordering again. Thank you Krystina for the magical package.

Ronel Collins

Krystina replies almost immediately and ensues you are getting exactly what you want (if its still available of course). Everything is packaged with love & usually arrives next day in a box full of hearts and smells divine! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Sally Langley

Every experience has been pleasant, I absolutely adore all of the baby dragons I have received and am addicted! All well packaged and shipped quickly. Krystina responds quickly to all my queries.

Nathalia Stein

I was lucky enough to receive a Leandro crystal as a gift. Krystina packaged it so beautifully and the crystal is of the highest quality. Absolutely stunning. Thank you.

Bethany Morgan Brett

Absolutely stunning, magical crystalline beings! Such a pleasure & privilege to be the guardian of some of these exquisite crystal friends. I love my crystal skulls, dragons, dolphin and unicorn, and can’t recommend Leandro’s carvings sold by Krystina highly enough.

Bella Jane Reed

Krystina puts inn tremendous amount of time, effort and energy to ensue that these beautiful crystal beings find their guardians. She is always willing to help, is endlessly patient, and brings her own love and reverence for crystals to every single interaction.

Aodaoin Hathaway

Fast Shipping and excellent customer service. Krystina is great and will work with you on just about anything.

Shelley Rohmer

The best magical crystals and the highest quality carvings by the Master Carver Leandro, together with the best, reliable and excellent customer service.

Ana Anasha