World Special Master Unicorn – Leandro Souza Finest – UN2170

Much appreciation and congratulations to Leandro Souza, Grand Master Carver, Brazil for bringing forward the finest and most powerful, enriching and enchanting Unicorn energies in the World. This is the 2nd largest ever Majestic Master Unicorn from Leandro de Souza Enchanted Collection.  She is here with her partner the male unicorn who is as equally impressive and 400 grams heavier (presented separately – code UN2506).
Her Unicorn spirit beautifully is captured within this rare golden citrine which Leandro has enhanced with faceted gems embedded into her body. The gems are surrounded by gold as is her horn of light. Truly a World Unicorn Masterpiece presented for serious Unicorn energetic work.

Code UN2170
Weight 2.17 kgs
Height 20 cms
Width 18 cms
Energy exchange £1900

Additional information

Weight 2.17 g
Dimensions 18 × 20 cm