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ULTRA Special Smokey Elestial Leandro Dragon – 4.46 kilos

Smokey Elestial Dragon who will more than delight you. If you are looking for that ultra special dragon beast then he is here and ready to fly to his first guardian. This is superb smokey elestial quartz with the underneath side left natural. Enormous rainbows present within this dragon. On arrival this dragon protected all the clan members and sustained a little injury himself and was repaired and given tender loving care as soon as he arrived. He is now healed yet the top horn fracture can be felt on close inspection. This in no way takes away any of the fantastic power this dragon holds. He was gifted the name Terreba Rainbow as Leandro suggested the name Terreba as his mother is Terrena Utopia, one of my personal dragon protectors. As soon as Terreba was being healed he gifted the most beautiful and precious rainbow near his wounded area so felt it appropriate “rainbow” be incorporated into his gifted name. Such gratitude and such immense energy makes this dragon truly special.

Length 22 cms
Weight 4.46 kilos
Energy Exchange £2,222

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Weight 4460 g
Dimensions 22 cm