NEW ARRIVAL: the ultimate, LA CREME de la creme of the baby lemurian dragons on the rock from our Grand Master Carver Leandro de Souza has arrived. She is incredibly photogenic and charming and tells me her name is “Sweet-heart”.

This dragon has birthed from a very rare and huge lemurian quartz as “sweetheart” stands proudly at 35 cms tall. An unbelievable weight of 3.68 kilos of sheer magnificence energy and carving from Leandro.

Her horns look like her crown and indeed she is super special and regal. So much so she has been adorned with a silver choker with garnet gems to match her sparkly enchanting garnet eyes with a tiny dangly heart finishing off her jewelled choker – which says it all!! True love at first sight I am sure!?

Her facial expression will melt every dragon lovers heart for sure.

Height 35 cms
Weight 3.68 kilos
Code LDR3680
Energy exchange £3450

Additional information

Weight 3680 g
Dimensions 35 cm