Super pleasing and much welcomed – “Love is in the Earth” – is this Rhodonite new arrival to enhance every crystal skull collection. Such a beauty – they all are!


RHODONITE has been called a “stone of love”. RHODONITE is far from common and can only be found in a few small deposits around the world. The pink symbolizes unconditional love as Rhodonite is one of the most powerful heart chakra stones in the world.

Rhodonite is a pink manganese silicate mineral that often contains significant amounts of iron, magnesium, and calcium. It has a chemical formula of (Mn,Fe,Mg,Ca)SiO3.

Being a very supportive stone, Rhodonite works with the Heart Chakra to attract love and ground negative energies. Often used for rediscovering one’s inner gifts, as well as for bringing much-needed love into the world.This lovely stone also helps one to remember that the best rewards come from serving the highest good.

Rhodonite is a Heart and Root Chakra stone that helps one to process energies in these areas more efficiently. Use Rhodonite as a stone of power, to bring strength and vitality to the body and spirit so they can support higher vibrations needed for personal evolution.

Also well known for its power to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra and to bring emotional support.

When used for crystal healing rhodonite is said to activate love energies and dispel tension and anxiety. It can be used to stimulate and heal the heart and to help one to achieve their maximum potential.

Rhodonite contains manganese which makes it an excellent wound healer. Rhodonite beneficially affects bone growth and fine-tunes auditory vibrations for better hearing and to relieve tinnitus. Rhodonite may stimulate fertility. Rhodonite strengthens tissues, organs and glands. Rhodonite treats emphysema, inflammation of joints, and arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers, and multiple sclerosis. Rhodonite may be used as elixir as a “rescue remedy” in a situations of shock or trauma. Rhodonite is supportive of the liver during detoxification. Rhodonite helps to stimulate the metabolism and increases energy and vitality.

For Gaia Healing, Rhodonite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to support & bring forward responsible & positive energy.


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Weight 629 grams

Length 8.3 cms

Energy Exchange £400

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Weight 629 g
Dimensions 8.3 cm