Master Sirius Lemurian Quartz SKULL – “KISS” From Leandro Souza

WOW!! New arrival from Grand Master Carver, Leandro Souza yesterday. This is the utmost hypnotic Sirius lemurian quartz skull you may ever see!! Carved from a huge natural point which Leandro de Souza has left natural and intact with the carving in the front with the skull features. Natural matrix is also visible and tactile on the back side. Holding so much light and energy.
ORIGINS : Geis Sirius Quartz from Goias.

This was the “Master” crystal in a huge cluster of quartz specimens Leandro fortunately managed to source last year. You are looking at a very special crystal skull indeed.
Weight 10 kgs
Energy exchange £8000
Code: KISS

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Weight 10000 g