4.24 kilo natural citrine Dragon knight from Leandro Souza Enchanted Dragon Collection. This huge dragon of 28 cms long has black tourmaline eyes and a rainbow on his head. Very serious and powerful dragon who held all the dragonets and smaller dragons under his wings while travelling from Brazil to SCOTLAND recently.
There was a tiny hairline fracture on one of the lower back horns which has been professionally repaired by Leandro. This isn’t noticeable but I found this as I carefully examine everything that arrives. The energy exchange for this very limited edition Dragon Knight is reflective of this tiny mark.

This dragon will have you captivated and under his beautiful endearing energy on first sight. Truly very special. I can’t praise this dragon enough.

The workmanship Leandro has put into the creation of such a masterful masterpiece and magnificent dragon as you see before you is immediately felt and realised. Another World Class Limited Edition dragon for the serious dragon lover.

Weight 4.24 kilos
Code DK4240
Length 28 cms
Energy exchange £3300

Additional information

Weight 4240 g
Dimensions 28 cm