DRAGON ELEMENTAL ENERGY PORTALS Energy Tools to work with your dragons – 6 TO COLLECT   To My Dearest Dragon Lovers, I thank you for taking an interest in the Dragon Portals which I was guided to design and bring forward into production so others across the globe could connect with these energies also.  These have many uses – and as I always say, work with your instinct. There are 6 DRAGON PORTALS IN THE COMPLETE SET TO COLLECT: AIR ELEMENTAL ENERGY DRAGON PORTAL EARTH ELEMENTAL ENERGY DRAGON PORTAL FIRE ELEMENTAL ENERGY DRAGON PORTAL – YOU ARE NOW VIEWING SPIRIT ELEMENTAL ENERGY DRAGON PORTAL STARGATE ULTIMATE DRAGON PORTAL WATER ELMENTAL ENERGY DRAGON PORTAL   You may wish to use the Dragon Portals in combination with any energy grid you have in place with your Dragons, Skulls, Crystals, Unicorns, or it may be used individually or collectively with the collection of 5 dragon portals during meditations, workshops or as I suggested, your personal grid work.   The Dragon Elemental Energy Portals are ever so enchanting and powerful tools if you wish to rest your existing dragons on top or surrounding the perimeter to heighten their energies and for charging purposes. My personal dragons channelled the creation of the Dragon Elemental Energy Portals and finally the Star-gate Dragon Portal to complete their wishes.  The Dragons were clear it was important to use the 5 elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Sprit, Water and the final Star-gate symbols.  I was also guided to use the platonic solid symbols and planetary symbols relating to the 6 portals.  Everything that you see on the portals are actual energy tools which are in place so can now be shared worldwide through these portals. The lemurian sword which is on the 5 elemental portals has in fact been downloaded with codes from Atlantis during a ceremony.  Everything you see on the portals combined together bring forward powerful tools for your work and for the Highest good of All. The Dragon inspiration, message and thoughts behind the Stargate Dragon Portal are 6 powerful words – LOVE, UNITY, HARMONY, GRATITUDE, ABUNDANCE AND PROTECTION. The hypnotic energies of the magenta rays bring forward and unifies the divine love between the dragons, ourselves and other worlds. The Star system symbols, Arcturus Sirius, Orion etc. are in place, as well as other cosmic symbolic elements. The crystalline spheres remind us what our Mother Earth has provided and gifted to us. The Black tourmaline dragons are our powerful protection and grounding allies who work in harmony with the rose quartz dragons who open our hearts to bring forward gratitude and abundance, to love everything we see, feel and share. This Star-gate Dragon Portal as well as the other 5 Emental Energy Portals are powerful energy tools and will take you to great heights in your spiritual development. Each portal is 30 cms in diameter and are encapsulated for long time wear and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are also accompanied by a Sacred Dragon Invocation appropriate to each portal which can be read or chanted during your work – use your intuition – be guided what comes forward to you. Each portal has an energy exchange of £22 but if you buy the full collection the total is £110 which is a saving. You may contact me privately to arrange the delivery (see contact page) instead from my website.  Everything gets my personal and undivided attention.  I work from my heart, always.   In-Joy – In-Love – In-Light Krystina x