You will by now have seen the OWL appear a few times throughout my new website. For me, it was very important this awesome energetic and magical creature be included. The Owl represents wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development and mystery - exactly everything I wanted to bring forward through this new website. It has been known that Owls show up when one is being asked to listen to ones intuition - again - exactly what I have been doing the last six months to understand what direction and energies needed to be brought forward.

Photo 28-06-2022, 03 29 38.jpg

Very much I have found the Owl energy inspiring during this new enlightened website project and the intention now is to write more articles as well as offer online short courses of energetic interest. Everything happens at the right time and know not to force anything coming forward.

This has been a challenging yet exciting 6 months and have learned a great deal from the crystals that have now arrived through this crystalline gateway in Scotland. The adventure is only beginning I am told!