Hopefully if you are reading this, you have been smitten by the encompassing desire to start building your wonderful crystal orb energy circles. Once your passion ignites for these crystal orbs, you will be guided in so many ways how to use them. Their energy emits 360 degrees and are the perfect crystalline tools to place into grids as well as many other uses that I will write about.

At this time, I am guided to work the majority of time with Lemurian energies. I love creating crystalline grids involving the spheres and natural points. Remember to programme the crystals after cleansing and transmit your desired grid intentions into your thoughts during your careful layout. You could step into the centre of your grid and either sit or lie down and experience this incredible energy.

Setting into place your crystal grids, whether outside in nature or indoors, or on your altar or floor, is a very worthwhile routine to get into as you are not only expanding your consciousness but you are awakening and expanding the energy field of these crystals by working together. Think of it as a crystal community at your fingertips waiting on your instructions.

An interesting experiment is to get a set of copper dowsing rods. Then stand outside your crystal circle or grid and point the rods towards the crystals. Slowly move backwards to gauge the energy field from these crystals. The rods will vibrate and cross each time you are in the energy field. By using the high vibrational orbs and crystals found in my Shoppe, you will get the best results.

Crystals are our Teachers - it is our decision whether to listen and learn.