Now and again I will add some useful knowledge to this section. Fascinating when we dive deeper into the crystal structures and sacred geometry. Sacred geometry has always been fascinating to me and at one time designed some copper energy circles with the sacred geometry symbols on them to charge the crystals. Whilst doing my research into the Spheres I have found that 5 platonic solids fit perfectly into a sphere. Everything is relative and we have to understand the whole picture at the times when we are ready.
Personally, I have gone 360 degrees from where I started my journey and during that time spent a while working with the sacred geometry symbols you see in the image above. The SPHERE is so important as the energy from the sphere projects 360 degrees and not just from one point. It is an auspicious shape that will always be within our sight - eg the moon and the sun are only two. Choosing your sphere is important - I am here to bring the best energies in your direction. When holding your sphere, think about the image above - think about all the sacred geometries and the powerful energies these have. Think about the billions of years your sphere has grown inside Mother Earth and the transformations and growth it has had to endure. All these changes are memories within your sphere so look closely at the inclusions, the rainbows, the growth stop and starts where the layered phantoms have occurred. Incredibly interesting when you invest the time to connect into these wondrous mystical orbs.
The SPHERE is the Universal symbol of UNITY, ONENESS and COMPLETION.