Exactly 28 years ago is when I found my first crystal ball. I still have this amethyst sphere in my personal collection nearly three decades later - photograph above.

I was introduced back then to crystal balls by being allowed to hold one during a holistic therapy session during a time when I was feeling unwell. The intention of giving me this crystal ball to hold by the therapist was to keep me quiet!! Yes, I can talk for Scotland sometimes, however, I am sure my chatter back then was nervous energy and recognised exactly that by the therapist. Anyway, this certainly did the trick and each visit I looked forward to holding these crystal balls while lying on the therapy bed and staying relatively quiet. Incredible comfort I remember receiving and was soon eager to know more about what I was holding in my hands.... And... there my journey, interest and wellness began.

By holding a sphere in each hand the energy is circulating around your whole body or that of your client. You can join up this energy to close the circle of light by using a crystal point. I would suggest if you are using Lemurian spheres to hold in your clients hands then use a natural Lemurian point to circle in a clockwise direction around the outside of the body to seal the energy circle. Either offer reiki once the circle is sealed or crystal healing/laying on of stones on top of the body before you seal the energy circle and then start the therapy.

At the end of the therapy, use the natural point in your hand to draw anti clockwise around the client to open the energy healing circle and remove any crystals on the body or in the hands. You can also sweep the body downwards with a sphere or natural point you have used to rid any energy debris lingering behind.

If you are doing this healing for yourself by only using the crystal spheres in your hands, then visually see yourself holding a crystal point and drawing it energetically clockwise to start your personal therapy time and again anti-clockwise around the outside of your body when finished.

I always THANK the crystals after the healing and let them rest.