It felt important to explain that each and every single crystal/sphere you see in my Shoppe has been beautifully cleansed by natural spring water. I collect personally in large containers this Spring water and each time I placed a crystal in the Well as an energy exchange of gratitude.

Photo 20-06-2022, 11 02 01.jpg

After travelling back I find using a baby bath is the perfect way to bathe and cleanse a large amount of crystals at the same time. I fill with the Spring Water then sometimes add a few drops of an essential oil - perhaps rose oil. They only need 30 minutes in the water then dried.

Photo 20-06-2022, 10 46 09.jpg

It seems a ritual I personally have to do knowing they are freshly cleansed and ready waiting on their guardian. By doing this exercise it connects you with the crystals. When drying each one separately you then get to see the hidden little characters of each one as no two crystals are the same. Remember not every crystal should be placed into water however everything in my shoppe can enjoy their refreshing bathe unless I notify on the listing to say otherwise.