It is my intention to source the very best crystals for you and one of the specialist items I will be concentrating on are Finest Lemurian Quartz Points for you to use in your crystal healing, crystal grids as well as having a number of special items that will be admired and increase in value in your personal collection. I have been very fortunate today to be able to choose a number of rare and special natural lemurian points that excited me as soon as I saw them and heard their individual singing tones. A variety of sizes to choose from however all are the very highest grade possible with great clarity and prominent striations. These are the very best lemurians in the region of Minas Gerais @ Joaquin Felicio in Brazil. I am talking about super special and an opportunity not to be missed. These are perfect natural points to use in crystal grids and the energy exchanges have been kept to a minimum (trade price) so we can create the energies needed.
I also have other lemurians available and some are from the famous Diamantina and other natural beauties from Australia.
Leave the hard work to me and to get them here - all you have to do is decide which ones are meant to be under your wings and let me know.