One thing I have noticed since starting to work with the Lemurian spheres is the calling to get myself back out into the forest more and because of some of the sizes of these mystical orbs that you can find in my Shoppe, these can fit perfectly into your pocket or backpack.

Incredibly therapeutic finding a quiet spot in nature/forest where a beam of sunlight will filter through the branches. Capture the magic of the moment on camera by holding your crystalline companion in your hand reaching up towards the sky - fabulous feeling. It is what we need sometimes, to escape the pressures of everyday life, to have time in nature, to hear the birds sing, the leaves rustling in the wind, time to sit quietly on the ground and reflect or lean against a tree with your crystal in your hands.

If you have taken 2 crystalline orbs with you on your nature walk, then hold one in each hand, clear your mind, feel the cool calming energy surround you and take the time to really look inside your orbs ... allow the light to dance around them, see the rainbow prisms enlarge and form images and feel the nature spirits.

Not forgetting to place the crystal/s in a nook of a tree if you see a safe branch or place on the ground as you will feel awakened and more enlightened on your walk. This way you are connecting the crystal energies with
Mother Earth again and this is a beautiful feeling and sight. Remember to take a photograph of your outing as on days when it is not possible to do crystal escapes then you have the memory stored not only on your phone/camera but also in the memory of your crystal. Link back in to your nature times by meditating and remember, your crystal stores memories.

Start this beautiful joyride if you have not already done so.

Stay Fabulous,

Krystina x