Welcome to my Journal

My first Journal entry on the new Enchanted Website – Yay!

Everything changes and change should be embraced – an opinion I stand by as everything happens for a reason. I felt it time to have a complete change with my website and found a new IT Designer/Developer who has worked closely with myself to bring forward the “magic” I feel we need at this time and do justice to the wonderful carvings from Leandro de Souza.

I am so grateful and give out huge **GRATITUDE **for my crystal friendships and the crystals being a huge part of my life. We are all here to support each other. Surrounding ourselves with the beauty and energy from GAIA and good friendships is the perfect combination.

This past 12 months has allowed me to invest more time with my crystals, skulls, dragons and unicorns, reacquainting myself with their energies. Whether you are new to the crystal kingdom or not, we find what we need when we are ready. The World has changed in the last year and so have we changed. Many of us have had the time to reflect, and perhaps like me, change eating habits, values, letting go of ego, I know I have. I feel this makes me work at a higher dimensional level and also has installed a much needed awakening to invest time for myself. I am sure the coming forth of the Gaia Earth Mothers/Goddesses played a big part recently in my life allowing the powerful divine feminine energies to touch my soul. These beautiful and precious carvings from Leandro are exquisite and I love photographing them outside in nature and taking them to a peaceful water location that installs serenity and love for oneself.

My aim this year is to write more and make the time I will. The energy tools I need are in place and they urge me to connect in and do some automatic writing. This definitely should be interesting because the last time I did this was decades ago when I did my crystal healing course. Also my mission is to find good natural lemurian points that can be used in earth grids and can offer these through my website. I have just been informed, from a reliable source in Brazil while writing this journal today, that there is no more production of lemurian points. Trying my best to rescue what are still waiting.


A few surprises will be coming forward as I have seen some new designs Leandro has been working on. These will be put into my web shoppe as soon as they arrive. I am fortunate to be able to see the different process stages in the carvings – from rough stones to finished product. The amount of work going into a tiny baby dragon is phenomenal as the same stages are undertaken whether it is 100 grams or 10 kgs.

I am very impressed with the new Black obsidian skulls and dragons recently received this year from Leandro. This black obsidian was sourced from a volcano in Mexico. Only on closer inspection with a flash light or direct sunlight we can see the silver sheen natural markings – for me they represent portals of light allowing us to be pulled inside during quiet reflective or meditation moments – beautiful.

These high energy crystalline beings need to be spread across the entire globe – extending their energies – linking in to the earth grids – making a difference to people’s lives. Working in harmony and as a collective is the way forward.