"Lady X" (a.k.a. Lady of Love) is a personal skull that I have had the honour to care for. We both fell during a photoshoot and landed on the floor with Lady of Love badly damaging her jaw. Immediately I knew I had to take the risk to return her to Leandro in Brazil for him to perform his crystalline surgery. A great risk as I had previous encounters trying to get goods into Brazil which were kept on hold for many months. Anyway, this was a risk I felt I had to take and go forward with. Here is the story that may relate to crystalline friends reading this - read between the lines as "LADY X" has a message for those of us who resonate and can relate to her journey and experience.

Lady X was returned to her Designer/Master Carving Leandro de Souza in Brazil, where he reconfigured her appearance due to the damage before and during transit to reach him. Lady X took three months to reach Leandro due to being held in a warehouse in Brazil and not released. Between Scotland and Brazil her very secure multi layer package had been opened twice and more serious damage took place. Her safe space had been invaded unnecessarily and her silver crown had been forcefully removed causing severe damage. She had endured much violence and loneliness and had been kept in a dark space. This definitely exhausted our PATIENCE yet installed FAITH and POSITIVITY that she would reach where she needed to be for the energetic change to take place. Leandro invested time with "Lady X" when she eventually arrived and we both had BELIEF that she would be good again. "Lady X has AWAKENED" Leandro said, "She is good again!".

Everything happens for a reason, yet at the same time this may not be apparent to us until the "AWAKENING" moment.

On her safe return to Scotland, UK, she was showered with LOVE and GRATITUDE and placed in water with freshly picked lavender and mint leaves grown this summer. She was CLEANSED after her trauma and immediately could sense and understand that everything that happened was for a reason. LOVE is in the Earth.
Transformation sometimes needs to happen before some of us see the LIGHT.