I have been very conscious of the words that I use daily - and numerous times during the day. Just take a moment to think about this and what you may repeatedly say. It all has an impact in the energy we project and what we manifest to come forward into our life.
As a little exercise I wrote down my words this morning - even before I got out of bed - the words I regularly use in business life and in my private life. Try this for yourself as it is a great exercise to see and feel what is happening in our life and why. Hopefully you are not using negative words as this will reflect in the energy around you and coming towards you.
I work 7 days a week as many of you know promoting and photographing the energies from Leandro de Souza as well as finding important and powerful energies from natural crystals to use as crystalline energetic healing tools in our life.
I say repeatedly "What is for you will not pass you" and "What you give out will return"! So do make sure you are projecting the most positive vibes even during challenging times (which we all have).
I pride myself in treating people in the same way I wish to be treated so WORDS are important - EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.