Collecting Ascension Lemurian Crystal Skulls

It takes time to find exactly what you are looking for and exactly what is meant for you. I repeatedly say, "Do not try too hard to find anything"... this is so true - please do believe this, as everything happens for a reason and at the right time.

At this moment of writing, it is indeed a rarity to be able to have a choice of Ascension Crystal Skulls as a few have recently arrived from Grand Master Carver Leandro de Souza and very much well worth a second viewing if you have not come across them before reading this. These very high vibrational energies are indeed super special gifts from Mother Earth as are water clear and very much powerful crystalline energetics that will wish to enter into your spiritual journey as you progress.

Ascension crystal skulls are exceptional "Messengers of Light" as they are like a camera lens and very very rarely found now so clear as you will be able to see for yourself on my Web Shoppe.

As I work exclusively with Leandro de Souza in Brazil, I know he travels hundreds if not thousands of miles to personally select each and every stone he works with - always selecting the finest he can source.

It has taken me years to find my personal circle of ascension Lemurian crystal skulls and happy to share their energies with you. A few of my ascension skulls have travelled the World and been imprinted with incredible energies on their journeys and then returned holding their memories in their DNA to pass on to the other crystal skulls they make contact with - this is called imprinting. The personal journeys a few of these little skulls have made are to USA to be with the Mitchell Hedges Skull, travelled to Australia, Peru, Egypt, Hawaii, Glastonbury etc. I may add I personally have not been fortunate to travel with them however through the wonderful and very generous friendships I have made on my journey these special lightworkers offered to take a few of my skulls with them when they were travelling to these sacred places.

These quality crystal skulls hold their value and do increase in value tremendously (not only monetary value but spiritually too) as finding optically clean quartz is incredibly challenging and very rare which comes with a premium price. Remember - The Best is Worth Investing in."

Hope you find what you are looking for! In-Joy. x

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