Ascension Accelerators

I am always interested in accelerating energies and have discovered a new product that I have tried out myself for a few months and now offering soon these in my web shoppe. I use these copper geometric accelerators under my personal crystal skulls to heighten their energies even further. I am very impressed.
There are a number of uses I can suggest for these wonderful new products. By collecting the full set you can use these in energetic healing by laying on top of the body together with crystals in between or indeed if it feels right to do so, place a crystal on top.
I have chosen four different geometric styles to introduce - Flower of Life (Very Limited in quantity), Seed of Life, Thorus & Sri Yantra.
These are all handmade by a special friend in Italy and will continue to work with her to bring the best energy tools forward for everyone to experience.
Diameter is 5.5 cms - Material is raw brass with copper plating with a protective silicon-based treatment - which is 100% natural.
LIMITED QUANTITIES as these take time to make however if they are sold out in the shoppe, please contact me directly as I have a waiting list in place.