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Over 20 years my interest in mother earths gifts have fascinated and fuelled my desire to know more. Incredibly interesting and vast subject to uncover. 

My early interest developed into a passion for everything crystalline and happy to say I’m self taught apart from undertaking a crystal healing course many moons ago. 

Now looking back I see a pattern that beautifully emerged like a jigsaw. Piece by piece my life journey jigsaw gradually fell into place.  My journey flowed from specialising & collecting crystal spheres to climbing more crystalline steps and then discovering and becoming intrigued by pyramids. This started me making copper meditation pyramids to the same ratio as the Great Pyramids of Giza. After 11.11 I knew another step had to be climbed and found myself being called by a crystal skull.  I still have “Maximillian”.. and we are lifetime companions. Soon after my first skull arrived, Leandro and myself connected. This was the most natural long distance friendship imaginable. We felt we knew each other instantly and have been told many times we were very much connected in a past lifetime.  We are crystalline partners and although we are thousands of miles apart we know what is in each others thoughts. There is not a day that passes that we are not in communication and both enjoy expressing our ideas with each other as well as having deep respect for our crystalline family.

My philosophy is to believe what is for you will not pass you by and never try too hard to change anything, as Universe will provide at the right time.

I have found some people have left my life as I have matured spiritually to allow new people to enter.

My work at the moment can be rather intense with very long  17 hour working days but so worthwhile when seeing and hearing the gratitude and delight from a new guardian.

Dragon energies arrived a few years after the crystal skull energies and very different to work with yet they can work in harmony together. 

Needless to say my own personal crystalline family has grown as there is no escaping a call from a crystalline voice.  This is why I offer to reserve items who have more challenging energy exchanges as I believe everything is possible if meant to be. I am the Master of Manifesting as I sold my car on one occasion to keep a crystal skull safe in Scotland.  Whatever no longer serves me I release to allow new energies to flow in.


Friends of The Crystal Enchantress invest their time in me so I invest my time in them. If anyone needs to chat I am here to listen.


I promote all new stock arrivals on my FaceBook groups initially so I invite you to request my friendship and join one of my many groups if you are guided to do so.

Crystalline Blessings

Love & light