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Every carving I promote on my website has been created by Geraldo Leandro de Souza, the talented Master Carver from Brazil who has made himself famous amongst crystal skull aficionados.  Leandro is known for selecting the finest and highest energy crystals in the World and his carvings are known for their quality, fine detail and uniqueness. In addition to crystal skulls, Leandro has created beautiful carvings of animals, wizards, dolphins, unicorns, angels, dragons and several striking renditions of the Virgin Mary.  

Leandro has created many skulls which are half-carved and half natural as you can see from my website, so that the form and articulation of the original crystal is worked into the design.  These pieces are felt to be among those with the greatest energetic potency, and they are not easily copied as Leandro lets each crystal “tell him” what form it wishes to continue its existence in. 

Leandro also carved what is likely to be the world’s largest crystal skull, the 350 pound Akator.  The carvings that Leandro sends me from Brazil to Scotland vary very much in weight from 200 grams to 20 kilos.  

Leandro is more than a carver of skulls; he is an artist as well.  In his own words: “My interest in and appreciation of art began during my childhood.  When I was a boy, my family was poor so, I began to make my own toys from wood and clay.  Stones were already of interest to me and throughout my teenage years this interest grew daily.   I am still fascinated by stones, but even more fascinated by the energy the stones give me and my sculptures.  I do not choose what will become of a stone; the stone itself moves me to create the form that it wishes to exist in. I love art, stones, the people who work with me, and I love knowing that people truly appreciate the sculptures that have been created by my hands”.  

Leandro started business with a small shop in his mother’s home, but within a year he moved his lapidary to larger quarters and has moved two other times, graduating to larger quarters each time.  It is now housed in a modern building, complete with rough stock areas, a modern equipped lapidation, offices and showroom.  Its focus is on producing both ultra high quality individual sculptures for collectors as well as some smaller unique pieces  for everyone that finds him. Leandro continually expands his repertoire of carving designs made from every finest material from Rose Quartz, to Azeztulite.  

I am extremely honoured and proud to work with Leandro to find the rightful first caretakers for his works of art. He sends his carvings to myself in Scotland several times a year where they stay until I feel it is the right time to release them to find their first guardians.  

Leandro’s creations are high investment pieces and each carving that leaves myself travels with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Leandro de Souza and dated.   about-me-leandro