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Many years ago I realised that the Universe is guiding us and communicating with us in every second of our life – preparing us for our Life’s Journey. Tuning into the cosmic communication 28 years ago, I was guided into the World of Crystals...

A Little Bit About Me

Krystina L. Valentine aka “The Crystal Enchantress”.

What a fascinating and interesting journey this has been. My “Crystalline Life Jigsaw” (this is how I perceive my journey) fitted together piece by piece over nearly 3 decades. I always have believed that people and opportunities come into our life at the right time and for the right reason.

My journey started as an interest/hobby and taught myself by reading and never putting down the wonderful books from “MELODY” and KATRINA RAPHAEL, recognising the different crystals/stones and developing my intuition. My first ever stone was a piece of moldavite. It was suggested to me that I go find this moldavite due to an unwellness I had been experiencing. This tiny piece of moldavite which I still have from over 28 years ago opened a gateway for me in my spiritual journey. Next to follow was my interest in spheres (crystal balls) and I remember very clearly the day I found my first sphere. The monetary value of this sphere was a major investment for me at that time and felt I couldn’t touch it until I had the money (energy exchange) in place. Having a positive manifesting desire to be guardian of this sphere, the Universe responded to my thoughts and made this happen. This amethyst sphere is still in my collection and is also a great reminder where and how my crystalline journey started.

Krystina Valentine

My Collection of crystals grew slowly, as for myself it was all about the quality rather than quantity. Having a friend who was a geologist at that time definitely was a bonus as he taught me to recognise quality and specialised pieces. Many of these crystals I still have in my personal collection today and others I was guided to gift to other people who I knew would benefit.

My knowledge for the Crystal Kingdom – Mother Earth (Gaia) progressed further and following an in-depth Crystal Healing Course allowed me the opportunity to work with clients in a healing and wellness modality after I qualified.

I felt the Universe was with me at every step, guiding me, and my next step was learning all about and making copper meditation pyramids and integrating and experimenting these with the crystals. I sold a number of these pyramids Worldwide and in December 2012 I realised it was time to stop. The feedback from my customers was encouraging and positive so I developed my crystal business further and started designing some sacred geometry energy tools to work with.

By this time I was being pushed to change my life pattern by bringing forward into my life a few holistic therapists and mineral specialists – preparing me more for this New Life’s Journey.

My work has driven me along many beautiful pathways making beautiful crystalline friendships. Having previously spent the last 8/9 years working closely with a well known Master Carver in Brazil enriched my life as well as further educated me about the special stones.

My reputation is for sourcing the finest high grade products together with adopting a professional and serious work ethic has enabled me to build a huge database of wonderful clients who immediately know they will be given VIP treatment and guidance from my business.

With this new venture that I have now decided to undertake in 2022, I will be bringing many Lemurian Energies forward by specialising in Crystallomancy and tools to use in Crystalline Grids. I always have had a strong connection with Lemuria and relish the challenges ahead to not only source and supply the products as well as writing and introducing online workshops to enable others to further their knowledge on this expansive subject. Mother Earth births these amazing high vibrational stones for us to use in a positive way to heal the Planet and ourselves for the Highest Good.

Important note: Quality and not Quantity is Important. In order to get the best results, we need the right tools.

Let’s Work Together, Working with Love, Light, Crystals & Great Vibes

Krystina L. Valentine
Crystal Connoisseur & Visionary x

Krystina Valentine
Krystina Valentine
Krystina Valentine