Many years ago I realised that the Universe is guiding us and communicating with us in every second of our life – preparing us for our Life’s Journey. Tuning into the cosmic communication 25 years ago, I was guided into the World of Crystals...

A Little Bit About Me

Krystina L. Valentine, The Crystal Enchantress

What a fascinating and intriguing journey this has been. For myself my “Crystalline Life Jigsaw” (is how I perceive this journey) fitted together piece by piece over many years. I always have believed that people and opportunities come into our life at the right time and for the right reason.

My journey started as an interest/hobby and taught myself by reading and never putting down the wonderful books from “MELODY” and Katrina Raphael, recognising the different crystals/stones and developing my intuition. My knowledge for the Crystal Kingdom – Mother Earth (Gaia) progressed, and following an in-depth Crystal Healing Course allowed me the opportunity to work with clients in a healing & wellness modality once qualified.

Krystina Valentine

My collection of crystals grew slowly, as for myself it was all about the quality rather than quantity. Having a friend who was a geologist at that time definitely was a bonus as he taught me to recognise quality & specialised pieces. Many of these crystals I still have in my personal collection today and others I was guided to gift to other people who benefitted.

My first ever stone was a piece of moldavite. It was suggested to me that I go find this moldavite due to an un-wellness I had been experiencing. This tiny piece of moldavite which I still have from over 25 years ago opened a gateway for me on my spiritual journey. Next to follow was my interest in spheres (crystal balls) and I remember very clearly the day I found my first sphere. The monetary value of this sphere was a major investment for me at that time and felt I couldn’t touch it until I had the money (energy exchange) in place. Having a positive manifesting desire to be guardian of this sphere, the Universe responded to my thoughts and made this happen. This amethyst sphere is still in my collection and is also a great reminder where and how my crystalline journey started.

I felt the Universe was with me at every step, guiding me, and my next step was learning and making copper meditation pyramids and integrating and experimenting these with the crystals. I sold a number of copper meditation pyramids worldwide and in 2012 I realised it was time to stop. The feedback from these customers were encouraging and positive so I developed my crystal business further and started designing some sacred geometry energy tools to work with. Soon after, I discovered the work of Leandro de Souza and we opened communications. He immediately recognised my passion for everything GAIA births and asked me to start promoting his amazing carvings.

My work has driven me along beautiful pathways with special crystalline friendships. The crystal skulls from Leandro Souza were so fascinating for me and made an immediate impact on my life. “Horus”, one of my personal Master Skulls (first crystal skull carved in 2014) from Leandro opened the Energetic Egyptian Circle for Leandro and thereafter a number of other important Masters and their siblings followed. Then the Dragon Energies entered in a BIG way. I remember the first full body dragon Leandro carved and sent over to myself in Scotland. She arrived badly damaged however she underwent huge healing and recovery and we both learned much from “Adora” – again she still is with me.

Thousands of skulls and dragons were birthed and Leandro knew from each stone, which he personally selected, what form this stone wished to continue its existence in. For me the passion from “Grand Master Leandro” and his energy, follows and leaves with each carving he finishes. Nothing is mass produced in a large factory but are lovingly designed and carved in his workshop over many weeks and months into specialised crystalline energetic art that I am very honoured and proud to promote. I have taken very seriously my work and built Leandro’s brand and name into being very recognisable and respected within the Spiritual World.

The book I will write one day (as the title has already been given) will allow me to share all the knowledge these “Messengers of Light” have shared with myself. When opening a new shipment from Leandro, the skulls speak! Sometimes I intuitively know which guardian they are trying to connect with. I believe it is my work at this time to assist these energetic energies and to hold open the crystalline gateway to allow their energies to pass through to reach and teach the earth guardians they wish to connect with. Of course some of these carvings from Leandro have very serious energy exchanges and I offer a payment plan in such cases to help this transition possible. I always say “Never try too hard to find what you are looking for, as it will find you”! I know this from many years of experience as there can be a “twist” in the process. Someone will be invited into the Showroom believing they are here to collect a particular skull, dragon etc. and low and behold they are pulled in another direction to what actually they are meant to find. I am not surprised by outcomes like this and know this is exactly what happens. I am here in this lifetime, in this job, working in many capacities. Not only finding guardians for the crystal skulls etc. but also befriending beautiful souls who are in need of energetic guidance and support. Whether people are starting their spiritual journey and wish advice or whether some people wish to dive deeper into the crystalline world and need guidance to look for their first Master Skull. Regardless of age, I know there is a spark in life that fires to get us on the right track. I give my 1-1 attention to everyone who reaches me at all times.

Leandro and I have a very good business relationship as well as a special friendship. We exchange ideas regularly and work together closely to bring new designs forward. For example some of the names of the Enchanted Dragons were clearly indicated to myself e.g. Mojo Dragon, Abracadabra Dragon, Merlot Dragon, Dragon Angels etc. so together our energies complement each other. Leandro and I both believe we have been reunited again from past lives to bring forward these energies the best way we are instructed. We may be many thousands of miles apart however distance never has been a barrier. I have now been working with Leandro for 8 years.

I am constantly learning daily too – we all are – as long as we listen and realise the universe is right with us at every step, guiding us. Written from my heart with huge Gratitude for everything and everyone who has crossed my path because LOVE IS IN THE EARTH.

Krystina Valentine
Krystina Valentine
Krystina Valentine

Leandro De Souza

Grand Master Carver / Designer Leandro de Souza in Brazil, has indeed earned his grand title for his outstanding and extraordinary creative crystalline art over 3 decades and more.

Master Carver / Designer

About Leandro de Souza

Leandro has changed the lives’ of many individuals on their spiritual journeys by designing & carving from the finest quality quartz and minerals he personally has sourced. Thousands of crystal skulls, dragons, unicorns, angels, dolphins etc. have left his workshop in Brazil and landed in Scotland, UK where they have connected with their earth guardians with my help.

Starting his journey as a young boy Leandro used to make his own toys from wood and clay. Stones also were of interest to Leandro and over the years and throughout his teenage years he became fascinated by the energy from these stones. Leandro was also a University Psychology Graduate which expanded his understanding not only of people but with his experimenting & connection with the stones. He soon knew where his artistic passion was guiding him. Leandro loves art, the stones, the people who work with him and has said many times that his work is his own healing and medicine.

There have been many challenges over the years with his open heart surgery and the serious injury he sustained by an ocean wave breaking his neck followed by meningitis. Each day was an awakening for him as we exchanged words most days during these very worrying & serious times. At times the Angels were definitely beside him as were the Dragons. He can recall many intense and powerful messages of guidance and support from these energies.

Leandro is a wonderful artist and has an extraordinary creative mind. Leandro uses many different stones and each one he intuitively connects into and is guided how that particular stone wishes to continue its existence. Some are left partially in their natural formation with semi carving features and others are meticulously carved & polished with the greatest of detail into specialised energetic “messengers of light”.

Leandro has carved from a wide variety of stones and all sizes. I recall the time when he was carving with Morganite, opening the skull “Morgana”, and was overjoyed that she had not split during this careful meticulous process as she was the first larger morganite skull he had managed to complete without splitting. Then her partner “Lancelote” a large precious aquamarine beryl was carved into being her soul partner skull. We do exchange ideas of names that may be forthcoming for some of the skulls and dragons that Leandro creates. Sugilite is another very rare stone that Leandro has had the pleasure to work with – a very hard stone – and remember when a micro second mistake severed his finger tip and he ended up getting surgery to save his finger. Recently the excitement of managing to source and work with Rhodonite for the first time ever in his career, Leandro was greatly impressed. He compared the energy and hardness of this Rhodonite to Sugilite. A very difficult stone to work with he told me as so hard however very rewarding to see the end results. Some of the larger skulls I have also have witnessed and journeyed with during my 8 years with Leandro. These have taken many months of endurance working with the massive stones to complete. Leandro will find the “eye” of the stone and know exactly how it should be cut in order to get the best energy and in what form it wishes to continue its existence. In Leandro’s own words “I do not choose what will become of a stone; the stone itself moves me to create the form that it wishes to exist in”.

Leandro Crystal Sword

Leandro is a totally dedicated and gifted “gentle-man” who will take whatever time is required to complete a particular skull – no matter what. I remember pointing out a particular quartz seen in a photograph which Leandro started to carve. A big skull, a challenging skull, as she closed down! By closing down…. I mean the energy stopped flowing from the skull to Leandro’s hands so he himself stopped the carve for 6 months until the day he told me she had “awakened” and then he started her again and knew exactly how he had to proceed. This skull I speak about is the well-known skull “Lady of Love” and she took one full year to finish, from beginning until completion. No name was released from her until one day while Leandro was at the Tucson Mineral Show her name came into his head and he messaged to let me know. It is moments like this and so many other moments that makes Leandro de Souza stand out from all the other carvers as he works from his heart for the Highest Good at all times.

Knowing Leandro personally and having organised a few “Meet and Greet” Leandro events here in Scotland, I can open heartedly speak honestly having gotten to know this man very well over my 8 years working and being his friend. There are many stories and good memories from his visits that I will share in my “Krystina Journal” on this website over time.

Crystal skulls is what Leandro is primarily best known for – carving the World’s Finest Crystal Skulls however he has done micro carvings from very small pieces of rare moldavite, tourmaline, ruby, garnet, gem morganite etc as well as gigantic skulls like the famous Akator, Serena Dragon at 56 kgs and many more. New designs are always forthcoming from Leandro and if you are guided in his direction, please listen and follow your guidance. We are both here to help you fulfil your spiritual journey best we can.

Leandro’s creations are high investment pieces (spiritually and value) and each carving that leaves myself travels with a Certificate of Authenticity signed on behalf of Leandro de Souza – these are all “Messengers of Light”.

One thing I can confidently say about Leandro de Souza is that he is a highly talented and gifted soul put on this Earth to expand the awareness from the gifts of Mother Earth – LOVE IS IN THE EARTH.