Krystina L. Valentine – International Supplier of the Finest, World Class Crystal Skulls, Dragons and Carvings from the hands of Leandro de Souza in Brazil. I invite you to stop here for a little time and enjoy looking through my website and Crystalline Shoppe and let us get to know each other!!

I exclusively work with Leandro de Souza to promote his Crystal Skulls, Dragons & Carvings as Leandro’s work is of the highest energy and his skill and passion for his work is felt through each product. Have a look on the “About Leandro” page to get to know him and his work – He is the World’s finest Master Carver.


The way I work is this:
Everything has an “Energy Exchange”. Although we do need money to survive, I look at it as “Energy”. By thinking this way, it does not become a burden, and if something is meant to be for us, then the Universe will allow that to take place.

If you are connecting with anything you see in my Shoppe, I invite you to contact me to discuss the “Energy Exchange” if you are guided to do so. I am more than happy to Reserve for you with a comfortable deposit, then continue with regular “energy exchanges” until the full “energy exchange” is complete. This works for many individuals as it gives them time to manifest. Your crystal skull, angel, dragon, etc. is kept safe here with me in Scotland, U.K. in my “Crystalline Castle” where all the reserved items stay happily together.

However, if you are in a position to complete the full “Energy exchange” immediately this is wonderful and invite you go to the crystalline shoppe and process through the secure shopping cart.

We can get to know each other before any of the crystalline beings leave me to reach you if you wish – this is what I have been guided to do, to make this website as friendly as possible – we ALL have been asked to reach each other at this time!

So please use the Contact page and let us chat. Always work by your instinct.

Brightest crystal blessings and hugs from me,

Krystina xxx

The Enchanted Dragon Crystalline Empire parade before you… I invite you to click on their video above.
Dragons fly fast around the Crystalline Castle in Scotland, UK as we welcome Bambino Dragons (baby full dragons), Baby dragons, Master dragons, Elder dragons, King & Queen Dragons (Full Body large dragons), Galactic Dragons and the new arrivals of the dragon “Knights”. This is the only Castle in the World Leandro Dragons visit to find their keepers.